From Atlanta

Turn-by-turn Directions:

1. Take I-20 towards Birmingham.
2. I-20 will run into I-59 and you will remain heading towards Birmingham.
3. You will pass the 31st Street Exit as you approach the city.
4. Merge right and follow the signs for the Caraway Blvd./HWY 280/31 Exit.
5. Stay in the left lane as you exit and you will now be traveling south on HWY 280/31.
6. You will pass the 4th Ave. Exit.
7. You will pass the 8th Ave. Exit.
8. You will pass the 21st Ave Exit.
9. You will pass the Mountain Brook/Sylacauga Exit.
10. Take the next exit, the Homewood/Rosedale Drive Exit.
11. Immediately merge into the left lane, look to your left and you will see our building.
12. At the traffic light, turn left onto 19th Street.
13. Make a left at the four-way stop onto 27th Ave.
14. Drive one block and make your next left (follow the sign) to pull into our parking lot.